Anyone have experience with Sharp Laser Company from China?

Hi guys.

I am in the market for a new 1390 laser and have this company on my short list of suppliers. They go by Sharp Laser Company on Alibaba, and their website is:

In short they quoted me a total of $5564 (including $890 shipping) for a 1390 machine @ 100 watts running a Ruida 6445, Wifi adapter, additional honeycomb bed (blade type comes standard). Auto-focus, 3 extra lenses, 2 extra sets of mirrors. The 1390 unit comes with a linier guide system that supposedly is faster and more accurate than PMI guide rails, and they are also sending me a extra 1.5" head for HD stuff.

The price is good so far as I can see, but am looking for any feedback on the company itself. Has anyone had any experience with them? Any info at all is much appreciated!


Hi Dave, not heard of them but watching with interest :thinking:

Does that price include the import taxes and fees?

Will it land at your home or at the closest port to China in the nearest country?

Same ‘David’ as the one in the RDWorks post?


No, it does not include taxes and fees, and the delivery is to my local port (about 15 miles away). My costs to pay taxes + have it delivered will be approx. $500 more.

And yes… :slight_smile: - I left this up for about a day and got no responses, so I posted there. I know there is a bit of overlap in users, but not a 100% overlap. :slight_smile:

Don’t think it’s an issue as long as you don’t double post at the same site.

As long as you know the costs. Can’t say I’ve heard much about them.

Good luck