Anyone have luck with AWC708s?

I’m building a Laser Engraver, built a smaller one using GRBL and Lightburn and worked great. Decided to upgrade controller, picked up a Torcen AW708s, I know it’s not listed as supported but notice people using it successfully.

I have it working with LaserCam but would like to use LightBurn but before I buy a license I’d like to make sure it will work.

I’ve tried multiple ways and can not get it to connect to LightBurn either USB or Network

And there is limited information about the AW708S

Using Windows 7


I haven’t tested a 708S, but I have a 608, and a couple different 708C’s running different firmware versions, and all work well.

If ‘Find my Laser’ isn’t picking it up, try this:

  • Run LightBurn
  • Go to Help > Enable Debug Logging
  • Do the ‘Find my Laser’ process
  • Quit

In your Documents folder you’ll find a file called LightBurnLog.txt. Attach that here.

Thanks for quick reply

Says new users can’t upload attachments, but here’s a picture of document

I have updated your user profile. You should be able to upload it now. :slight_smile:

LightBurnLog.txt (984 Bytes)

If you have the vendor software it came with, can you just draw a simple square, save it as a UD5 file and email that to me? Send it to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, along with a link to this thread.

In LaserCAD, click Download, then ‘Save Document to UFile’:

(You said LaserCam, but I assume you meant LaserCad)

Edited to fix email address - now correct

I attempted to and it fail to send multiple times, is email right? (Devbeloper)

Developer , no b in it

Kinda what I thought but I kept looking at previous post and thought there was some weird reason for spelling

Sorry, that was a booboo! Blaming fat fingers or lack of enough coffee. Fixed and sorry for any inconvience.

Hi mate i discovered light burn only last weekend,
I have a awc708 running on a network connection with light burn, didn’t have any problems with the setup, i can assist you if you still haven’t got it connected

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