Anyone here install the Blue and Black nano board on their Eleksmaker pro

I installed one on Mine and while I can communicate with the board and read and right the GCODE I have no control over the laser. I have set all the gcode command lines correctly but You can’t jog the laser…etc etc. Everything is lets say…“on” but no control to the main board. Tried in several programs including LB…Laser GRBL and T2…all can read and write to the nano top board but thats it.
Could be a bad B&B nano but just checking to see if anyone had same issue and was like oh yah…you gotta do this. I searched but it is supposed to be plug and play but I can’t play…:frowning: and not like there is any real support it seems from the builder so far.
Works fine if I put the stock top Eleks board back in.

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