Anyone interested in a Materials source thread?

As the title states, I’d love to help one another find materials at the right price! We could all list where we found Baltic Birch for cheap, or a supplier who will custom cut sizes. I’m sure many of you have a woodworking room and could even provide custom cuts etc for a fee.

It appears they may allow a thread or make a category for it.

What say you all?

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From my point of view there are plenty of places around the web where can get recommendations on material sources so I don’t see a need for one here. JMHO.


One problem I see with this is the geographic diversity of the group and that might just lead to frustration finding that a highly recommended supplier is not in your particular area or even country. Just a thought.



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That’s kind of the beauty of it, it might help even the market or even just find new sources.

Did this thread ever get off the ground? Would love some advice where to buy materials. Having trouble finding what I need (thin sheets of acrylic to cut).

I’ll ask and see what we can do about a category for materials.

[EDIT] : It was suggested that I make a tag to help capture existing threads and future contributions without generating an additional channel. Please tag possible sources with the materials-source tag as above.

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This would be a great thing. I love Home Depot ply, but it would be nice to get some better quality stock.

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Wood source for laser - Sheet1.csv (1.5 KB)

Here’s a resource sheet that I made to help find better and cheaper sources without gumming up the whole site.

I cannot upload the excel file, and it appears the formulas aren’t in this once, anyone have an idea which file I should upload?

Try adding .txt to the end of the file. That should allow it to be uploaded. Downloaders will need to take the .txt off the end to use the file.

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You could host the file on Google drive and share.