Anyone know any shop sell hoenycomb bed 37"x 18"?

I am looking for a honeycomb bed over 37"x 18".Does anyone know any brand or store that sells this?
Tks a lot

Hello Mike: Just contact any metal supply company around you and talk with them. If you want a 16 ft. steel I-bean, they will have it. Just tell them what you want, length , width and thickness and type of metal you want. Oh, you will also have to tell what size hole openings you want. If your burning / cutting small things, I would go for about 1/4" openings. It might take them a couple of days to get it in but you can get it. More than likely cheaper than off the net. I go to a place called S&S Steel. Good luck on you search.
Something else – If you go to steel supply store, tell them cut it with a saw and cut square for you “PLEASE”. They will. Most times they just do a quick cutting torch cut. They will over size it by about 1/2"
and then you get to carry it home finish final cutting to size. So be sure to tell them to saw cut it square.
They may charge you a couple of extra bucks for the saw cut, but it"s worth it.

I pitched mine pretty quickly when I realized what a pain they are to use…

Of course there may be something they are useful for, causing a fire in your machine … I tossed mine and replaced it with a rolled steel sheet. I have alignment holes drilled into it… IMHO…

Take a few minutes and watch this video… if you still want one, have fun…


I bought mine online from Cloudray

They have a lot of precut sizes or they will make one to your exact specifications. There price is very good and I really like that they make them from steel so you can use magnets to hold down material on them.