Anyone looking to expand by taking on other orders?

I’m exploring the option to remove myself from the lasering equation. I am looking for an established laser-cutter that I could outsource my laser cutting signs/needs to, aka White Label. shipped directly to my customers. Is this something anyone here is interested in doing to secure more business? I want to focus more on the marketing side and lower my overhead.

Think 3D wood biz signs, name signs, nursery signs. All wood stuff.

damn no replies lol. Everyone content with where their business is at

For me, any benefit from having you do all the marketing and brand-building is outweighed by the disadvantage of having to do all the scutwork involved with shipping & receiving at what I presume would be piecemeal rates.

As you’ve described the job, there’s no compelling business case.

Stipulated: I’m not an established laser cutter kind of guy.

You’re making assumptions without asking further questions to clarify.
Rates would be discussed and agreed from both sides not forced upon anyone. Whether that is a

  • 40/60 split for all orders, or
  • $$ rate/hr+materials that we can both agree on

I already have someone for example that will make a specific product, he makes ‘last name signs’ he charges me around $50 and I charge $100 on my store (which covers advertising, etc fees). The manufacturer makes around what they would make anyway, and I just make a piece from marketing without having to make the items. It is the way I have decided I wish to scale.

Absolutely true.

On the other paw, you sounded kinda snippy when nobody jumped at your offer, so it seemed reasonable to explain my reasoning; other folks surely have their own reasons.

Carry on …

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