Anyone modified their RUIDA to do Z-Axis control?

My model of machine (Shenhui SH G690 laser, Ruida RDC6442G) doesn’t have software-controlled Z-Axis movement. I’m contemplating some modifications to try to make it happen.
Has anyone done something similar?


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That’s down to it having two manual switches on the side, right? My machine has a similar setup. You’re going to need a stepper driver - the ones used are DM442 knockoffs as a rule, and a stepper motor of similar(ish) dimensions to the AC motor that’s already set up in there. IIRC NEMA23 is the closest (at least, based on mine). Doesn’t need to be super high torque or anything.

It’s one of the jobs that’s on The List Of Things To Do - along with fitting a beam combiner and autofocus plunger switch.

However, I am most felicitously possessed of a bunch of free time for the next couple of weeks, so I will try and progress The List, and will write up reports as I do so.

Yes I did,

  • add a stepper driver, connected to the Z axis connector on the ruida
  • took the knob off to move Z manually
  • attached a stepper motor to where the knob was![SQUARE3|320x320]


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I thought as much. I don’t think the stepper side of it will be too much of a challenge. I have already fitted a second 3 way switch near the control panel - spring-loaded to the center “off” position. Makes it much easier to reach while holding the focus gauge - and also easier to jog in small amounts.
However, I haven’t yet found any information on how to connect it to the controller.

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Enno, is your stepper now under software (ie Lightburn) control ?

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yes, forgot to mention ofcourse the new stepper is connected to the ruida Z, and so is the sensor. Mainly move up and down though the laser display thoughSQUARE3

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My blue and white 60 had a 230v motor and the overrun due to the inertia made focusing harder. so I added a DM542 driver a stepper and a 10:1 gearbox (that aided the fixing of the belt drive) and 2 prox sensors. hooked all in to the Ruida and it works great and accuracy is now brilliant although the gearbox may have been better as a 3:1 because 10:1 is a bit slow.