Anyone using the Ruida RD-WIFI?

Any documentation I have found is horrible…

I’d ping Cloudray directly - they support the stuff they sell, and might be able to help. I haven’t used one, sorry.

I never bought the official Ruida Wifi attachment. What I did is buy a $25 range extender that had a wired port on it. Just used that instead. That is all the Ruida wifi adapter really is.

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I found this manual for it. It is written in Chinglish and all of the screen graphics are in Chinese so… there’s that.

If you have ever configured a home router you’ll be OK.

If you haven’t already purchased the RD-WIFI, Grumpy’s suggestion is a better option.

I also did what G-man suggested. I did a whole writeup on this at the RDWorksLab forum, but of course that recently was destroyed. I bought a Vonets 300 off of Amazon for about $20. I liked this one because it allowed me to not need an external power supply due to the fact I had an unused USB port on my laser that was powered as shown in the picture. Pay in the $25 range if you want an extender that comes with a wall wart power supply.

The Vonets actually responds faster than when using the direct connect USB cable. The only downside is that it has to boot up any time it loses power (basically, any time you power off the laser). I think I timed this to take about 30 to 40 seconds.

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I use a pair of these - one plugs into the wall near the router, the other plugs into the same outlet my laser is plugged into. It works very well, and doesn’t compete with over-the-air bandwidth: