Anyone want to sell me their LBX ticket?

LBX tickets are sold out on the website. Just thought I post here and see if anybody had their plans change and want to sell me their ticket?

Background: I’m from Roly Automation, yet another Shenzhen-based diode laser brand :D. All our customers use LightBurn, and it would mean a lot to us to see and learn about what our customers and target audience care about and are up to. I can pay extra for being late to the party, if that matters. Will be going to East Peoria regardless to meet a few folks but would be great to attend the talks.


Given the almost cult following your laser has I am surprised you were not invited to be a speaker as a manufacturer that recommends LB as THE software to use.

Would love an opportunity to share our perspective as a machine maker and rave about LightBurn!

Just got the ticket sorted : )

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