AP Lazer 2816 not listed

I’m trying to use lightburn free trial but my AP Lazer 2816 is not in list of recognizable devices. .Laser is connected to computer.

You should check with AP Lazer, but I believe this system is provided with a Ruida motion control system. Did you try the ‘Find my Laser’ feature covered in the documentation and prompts when you first ran LightBurn? Adding a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yes sir, Thank you for your response it was Ruida system. I was unaware of this

Did you get set up ok? Let me know if you hit any snags along the way. We have found it helpful for folks to continue through the documentation until they complete the Simple Project section. With that, they have a solid understanding of many of the basics and how to produce successful output using LightBurn. Welcome.


Yes sir, I’m set up. Thanks for info very helpful

Great. Glad you are sorted. :slight_smile:

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