Aray Over Lapping

I’ve just downloaded the new V1 software and trying out the aray tool but when I zoom in the boxes over lap and duplicate on screen but then when I zoom out so the screen is bigger they are fine.

This seems to be related to your computer monitor.

Thank you for reporting, but I am not seeing the same. What are the exact settings and steps you take to produce this? Share, and I will take your steps / settings and try to reproduce here. :slight_smile:

I’ll try on another pc first see if I get same results.

I just made a square then clicked the duplicate button and change the size in the pop up box then duplicated y and x clicked ok. Zoom in and out with the mouse then that happened, when I made boxes small on screen with the mouse wheel.

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Yes it seems to be a problem in version 1, I did the same thing you did and got a similar problem

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