Arbitrary circular arcs (& boolean/close path issues)

Tried multiple ways to get the correct portions of circular arcs, can’t make any of them work. Imported DXF with circles and with various line segments intersecting them. Need to cut on sections of the circular arcs, starting and stopping according to the line intersections. I can break apart the circles, but only into 90° segments, haven’t been able to get them to break at line intersections. Workaround was to create a separate closed shape snapped to the line segments that I could then use boolean operators to extract the arc segments needed, but boolean operators won’t enable, even if I make nice closed curves of both shapes with auto-join. Am I missing something?

For example, in attached screenshot, red shape made from imported circles broken apart, green snapped to line segments defining arc boundaries needed (would like to cut boundary of intersection). For some reason intersection not available. (Not sure if I need to “Close Path” in addition to Auto-Join, but LB 1.2.03 hangs when I select close path with the green shape selected.)

Thanks for any help
P.S. I eventually got the work-around to work – even though one of the shapes had been drawn with the cursor showing it was snapping to the existing nodes, and subsequently Auto-Joined, zooming way up showed small gaps (perhaps the DXF import created invisible nodes nearby?). Not sure why that reliably crashed “Close Path” but if the path is manually closed the booleans become enabled and I can segment the arcs as needed.

LightBurn should not crash or hang. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please post your lbrn / lbrn2 and dxf files for further investigation. :slight_smile:

As per PS edits above I think I’ve narrowed it down to issues closing the shapes. In the lbrn2 file attached I got beyond the hang on close path, though I expect it could be easily recreated by importing the DXF again and duplicating the workflow (it hung several times on retries until I did the extra hand-editing). The attached lbrn2 file does still exhibit the difficulty in closing the path. I can’t intersect the green (layer 3) shape with the blue (layer 1) because it won’t close the latter, even with a large tolerance. I subsequently got it to work by dragging the line segment nodes away, then back again.
GateLatch.dxf (14.1 KB)
GateJig.lbrn2 (25.6 KB)

@rriker, If willing, we recently released a newer version, 1.2.04, which addresses a few issues causing what you were observing.

LightBurn 1.2.02 to 1.2.04 - patch updates with lots of fixes and a fe – LightBurn Software

Bugfix: Close Path could hang

From within LightBurn, click ‘Help’→’Check for Updates’ if you haven’t already updated, and please let us know your results and how you progress. :slight_smile:

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