Are my results within the norm?

I have a Ortur Master 3 (10 watt). I just cut out your wheel and pins. My setting is 150mm/m and 50% power with a single pass. Kerf was .057 (that is for my laser). When i called you wheel, your setting were 11000 mm/m 90% power, 16 passes and no Kerf setting. The number of times I forgot or just typed in the wrong setting were many. I would start fresh.
Red Raven

Thanks Red Raven,
Appreciate your effort on this. I’ll give it a try today.
Gerald Kornbluth

Sorry, but real life got in the way and delayed my laser project. I finally got to do some cutting of 1/8 birch ply from another vendor (Smokey Hill Designs) and Mike’s settings of 3 passes at 250mm and 90% power worked perfectly on my 10Watt outpot Atomstack diode laser. My guess is that it was ultimately the wood itself. (sigh of relief).
Again, thanks to everyone that weighed in on this.
Jerry Kornbluth