Are my results within the norm?

Thanks Red Raven,
Appreciate your effort on this. I’ll give it a try today.
Gerald Kornbluth

Sorry, but real life got in the way and delayed my laser project. I finally got to do some cutting of 1/8 birch ply from another vendor (Smokey Hill Designs) and Mike’s settings of 3 passes at 250mm and 90% power worked perfectly on my 10Watt outpot Atomstack diode laser. My guess is that it was ultimately the wood itself. (sigh of relief).
Again, thanks to everyone that weighed in on this.
Jerry Kornbluth

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If you have air assist then I wouldnt worry too much about plywood binders messing up your lens. Just make sure to clean it from time to time with a little ethanol alcohol, very very light pressure using a Q-Tip

Your original speed from the original post seems wayyy to fast.

For a 10W diode cutting that thickness of wood you would be looking at setting around this for one pass.

3mm plywood - 175-225 mm/min - 78-85% power

I have a 20W for design and prototyping upstairs in my office and a CO2 laser outside in my workshop for jobs/production work. So I’m just guestimating those setting based on 50% of my 20W diode laser settings (since yours is 10W).

You should definitely be able to cut that wood with a 10W and if you can’t around those setting try to change up wood brands.

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