Array feature 2 passes cut

Hello hope you guys can help me figure out what is going on.
When using the array feature, using 0 spacing. Sending to cut on the exterior lines it passes 2 times on the vector line…

If I set a gap between my design, the machine only makes 1 pass.

Can you include a picture or something? This description isn’t very clear.

I want to see a picture as well, but with “0 spacing” (and some other settings), I would expect the Array would create a duplicate directly on top of the original giving the impression that it is running more than one pass. You would actually be cutting 2 objects once. Could this be what is happening for you?

Add a picture of the 'Array" settings you are using as well for review.

is there a way t upload a video???

No, but you can provide a link to where you host it. Screen capture should suffice for our needs though.

We generally prefer screen shots. Most videos are shaky, blurry, and take forever to wade through to get to the bits we want to see. :slight_smile:

I guess is something like that, what I mean is that it passes over the same line twice. as I it had 2 passes on the cut layer.

Yes, you are placing a line on top of another by using a zero for spacing. You can add spacing or choose to ‘Remove overlapping lines’ in the ‘Cut Optimization Settings’.

No, the option is active (optimization)
If that would be the case it would only be cutting twice on the merging lines. Not cutting over twice as if it had two complete objects.

It’s better if you could see the video posted ok Facebook.

On that Facebook post , on the comments I uploaded another video of the preview window.

This is not making 2 passes. This looks like it is starting at some path beginning, travels along that path then reverses direction and traverses the same path “backward”.

Please post the LBRN file here or if private, send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com with a link to this post so we can take a look.

Edit: I suspect your original art has the path fold back onto itself. Zoom in while in node edit mode to see if this is a single path by moving one of the nodes away from its current position. You may find the '2nd pass" path underneath. Could this be what you are seeing?

No, it only happen if y do an array with 0 gap, if I do an array for example 2mm it’s ok, but what I wanted to do was to optimize the cuts.

Before the upgrade, I made this same file cuts and it was ok.

I am willing to take a look at that file…

Thanks for all the fast support, I’ll send the file in a couple of minutes.

I just tried making a square directly in LB, using array function. It also makes a double pass…
I think that using the array function is making like a double vector…

caretasarmado.lbrn (457.8 KB)

I’m not able to replicate this either. Do you have “feeder mode” enabled, maybe, and have that set to make more than one pass?

No, that’s the first thing I verified, that passes were set to 1.
Is, I’ve done different squares for example directly on LB and get the same result.
This only happens if either X or Y array are set to 0 gap… If I set 1 mm of gap this doesn’t happen.
If you guys want I could share my screen with you using Teamviewer or something like that so you could see what’s going on.

Thanks for your fast response.

Can you post the file of the square that also makes the double pass?

It’s on the same file that I uploaded.

So, do I have to make an array of the squares in that file, or do they double-pass for you as they are right now? I believe you that it’s happening, I just need to be able to make it happen for me too so I can figure out why it’s doing this, and so far it isn’t.