Array Function Not Keeping Max Width Settings

Perhaps this is a known issue, but I use the variable text feature quite regularly, and when building an array and setting the Max Width (Shape Properties) for the text variables, the Max Width does not adhere to the duplicates generated by the array.

The current workaround I’ve found is once the array duplicates are generated, simply highlight all of those fields in the array and reset them to the Max Width - then it works fine. However, it would be very helpful if the Max Width value would stick to all the array duplicates.

That one was missed when copying text objects. I’ve just fixed it for the next release.

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Hey Oz! When do you expect the next release to be pushed?

We do not provide a date certain for any release. Things come up, it is software, and we will not release until we are confident in the release. Best we can offer is “soon-ish”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Rick is right - we have a few pretty significant “under the hood” things happening right now that need to be well tested before releasing, so it’s not days away - probably a few weeks.

Sounds good! Looking forward to it!

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