Array tutorial/explanation

Being a very beginner on Laser Engraving and LightBurn I would like a detailed explanation as to using the array for a grid on the spoil board. Tutorial?

You would not have to have a very complex tutorial. Create a vertical line by holding down the shift key after selecting the first point. Drag up or down and set the second point. Select the line, set the size. (Repeat all of this for the horizontal line as well)

Once you have the correct size, select the line, select the array function and make your adjustments for spacing. For a vertical line, set the horizontal spacing and the number of columns. For a horizontal line, set the vertical spacing and the number of rows.

If you use Line rather than Fill, you can raise the power to get a sufficiently dark line or drop the bed to put it slightly out of focus. Creating a Fill type of object will just take too long to be practical, in my opinion.

It’s as simple as that.

Thank You.

I copied and printed. Lol

Have a look at this:

And this is an older video but the basics are the same:

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