Arrow keys not working correctly

The controller on my machine isn’t working correctly. When I hit the arrow keys the left and right work as they should but the down arrow doesn’t do anything and the up arrow makes it go left. Also, nothing happens when I hit the pulse button. But it cuts fine.

I had a similar problem with my Ruida controller a while ago. Some keys simply did not work any more. I got in touch with Cloudray since I purchased the controller from them directly, sent them pictures and a video of the problems and they sent me a new controller which is still working without problems.
Is there a way to contact the manufacturer of the laser you are using and maybe get a replacement?

I have had my machine for 2-1/2 years. I bought it from ebay from orion motor tech I was thinking it is too late for them to do anything. I was wondering if I need a new keypad or if there is an update or something I can do to the laser.

This is entirely between the keypad / display (“human machine interface”) and the controller, so there’s nothing to update.

You’ll find the controller model number printed on the back of the beige box inside the electronics bay on the side of the laser, something like RDC6445 or KT332N or whatever.

Contact OMTech, tell them your troubles, let them know which controller you have, and see if they can send you a display. You’ll pay top dollar, but getting it direct from OMTech means it should actually work.

Lynette, I’m on my second OMTECH CO2 laser (both from orion motor tech’s eBay store) and I’ve found them surprisingly willing to replace defective parts, well after the point they didn’t have to. As Ed said , give them a shout, they might surprise you. Worse case is you’ll have to pay. Cloudray is selling a panel only on eBay for $110 (it’s for a RDS6442S) and Amazon has it for $169.

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