Art library not loading

I have Lightburn 1.0.02. I have been using it for a little while and it worked great. I left my pc on so I canget inti it fast. When I started the pc and lightburn started I got an error message art library failed to load. What od I do wrong or is there a problem with Lightburn? NEED HELP HAVE A LARGE PROJECT FOR A BIG ORGANIZAGTION TO FINISH. I also lost one of my bigest files.

Thank you for getting back. Can you tell me if I can get that catagory back and how to.

I have Lightburn 1.0.02 V. About 12 hrs ago I had everything in lightburn art library. Now I have everything eccept one catagory. How can I get that one back it’s very very important. I have to finish a large project for a bic company. NEED HELP!!! ASAP

Please do not double post. It makes more work than should be required.

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