Art library save as

I created a couple of. art librarys. The first one, I can find since I created it in my Documents directory. The second one, I was too fast and did not specify that it go into my Documents and it defaulted to just / as a directory. Well in linux, as a user I do NOT have permissions to save to / so I need to save it elsewhere like Documents in my home directory. So far the only thing i’ve discovered is that I would need to exit and then recreate the library. Theres no way to export or Save as that I find.

You shouldn’t have been able to populate the library with content if it wasn’t able to save. You can just click ‘Unload’ and then click ‘New’ and give it the proper name.

I’ve got 40 graphics in the library to which I can not save. Populating the directory when you click new should be the users $HOME directory. Not the root of the drive as I doubt anyone is running lightburn as root

LightBurn just passes an empty string to the “initial directory” value. I can change it to whatever HOME evaluates to on Linux, or just your ‘Documents’ folder (which is probably the same thing).

these would be differant. $HOME is your home directory usually /home/username. Documents would be under $HOME as $HOME/Documents.
Something that might be useful for others, is a Duplicate Library button. You could then save as a new name and make changes to that art library, leaving the original alone. And yes, it’s possible to copy the actual library to another name “cp artlib.lbart to artlib_new.lbart” from a console or even a file manager, but you might not want to goto a cmd prompt in order to perform this action.

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