Assembly Issues - Ortur Pro 2 x-limit and y movement

Hi, I just set up a second Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2. The first time I had no problems, but on this second machine I’m getting errors.

First, it’s giving me Alarm 9 for Homing Fail when I try to go Home. The laser hits the x-limit switch, but it doesn’t seem to register it and it keeps trying to move. I’ve included a picture of my x-limit

Second, if I just try to manually move the laser using the LightBurn software, it will move in the x-direction, but the y-direction doesn’t move at all, just makes a little noise and then says it’s at the new location.

Any help would be great. The first unit was a gift that ended up not being the right laser, so I switched out units and now with this issue I feel like all I’m doing is hitting roadblock with Ortur.

Playing with it some, it doesn’t actually seem to be an issue with the x-limit. If I manually press it while the laser is moving, it will stop. I believe the issue is all that the y-movement is not working at all, so it can’t get to zero. I can manually move the arm and it rolls on the track as it should, but the motor is not turning.

Look very closely at the actual shaft of the Y stepper motor while attempting to jog up and and down. Can you see the shaft move? This may be easier to test if you remove the belt.

If so, check the chain of motion from the shaft to the pinion gear around the shaft, to the belt, and to the gantry. At some point that chain is being broken. Identify where that is. It’s mostly likely to be that the pinion gear is spinning against the shaft. In that case, resecure the grub screws that hold the pinion gear in place. There is a flat portion of the shaft where you want to make sure it gets tightened to. There’s likely another grub screws as well that you want to secure.

If you don’t see any motion at all then see if you can swap the connectors for X and Y to see if the fault is in the motor or otherwise in the cable or controller.

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