Assign Layer Lag

If I change any setting on the ‘Cuts/Layers’ panel, the change is immediately apparent in the layers.

If I ‘Assign to layer’, it doesn’t register the change until you either click a layer in the cuts/layers window or select an item that causes another window to open, regardless of type.

Selecting objects on the ‘bed’ doesn’t force an update.

Within the Cuts/Layers dialogue itself, selecting the layer doesn’t force a change - but you wouldn’t expect it to, as it’s already selected as the target for the assign. Selecting another layer forces an update.

It’s really annoying :slight_smile:

But not the end of the world.

Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave
LightBurn 0.9.14

Happy 4th. :fireworks:

I’m betting this is another framework related repaint issue - check with the version I just sent you, and let me know if you still see this.

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Worked perfectly.

As soon as you ‘assign to layer’ the figures change.

No issue with running that version in production?

No, the changes have been almost entirely bug fixes, or work on new features, like tabs and Qr codes.

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