Assign Library settings to Sublayer?

Is it possible to assign the settings from a library item to as sublayer?

I see you can create sublayers in library items but I want to add the library item setting to a sublayer on an active Job.

I believe the entire Layer, including all sublayers, is treated as a single Library entry. So you will get all or nothing when assigning or linking a Library entry to a layer in Cuts / Layers.

Long story short, I don’t think it’s currently possible to do what you’re asking.

Alternatively, create a new library entry with all the sublayers that you want, then assign that.

OK thanks.

I am going to guess I would need to manually enter the info into the library entry sublayer as well? Meaning you cannot create a sublayer for a library entry from a another library entry?

You can take an existing layer with all sublayers defined and then create a Library entry from that. Use “Create new from layer”.

Thanks, yes I realized that could be done. Just trying to see if there is a way to save time by not having to write down all the settings from the library entries that are already created and then re-entering them as sublayers. That will be a lot of manual work.

I saw there was a feature request that would help and voted on it :Apply library presets to sub layers. (Fiber-Galvo) · LightBurn

Thanks for your time.

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