Assign to layer greyed out also unable to connect to wi-fi

I was following the spirograph project as my first attempt and the “Assign to Layer” button is greyed out. I was trying to just cut some cardboard to test everything. I notice on my Library it just gives thickness not the option of cut etc also. Also, I tried connecting to my Wi-Fi, it shows up in system pref’s but when try to connect it device not available (laser connect to my laptop). Do I have to connect laser to my router? Thanks.

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Click the > next to 3.00mm and choose one of the options. You’re selecting a group, but within it will be options for cut, fill, image, etc.

For the WIFI issue, I would contact Darkly Labs directly - there’s a startup procedure, I think, where you connect to the device and give it some information about your network, but I’m not sure of all the specifics. They’ll be better able to help with that -

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That did …great support, thanks again

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