Assigning speed feed values to colors

Can we permanently assign a value to a certain color. For example, I cut a lot of acrylic. I want to assign speed 12, power 40% to things drawn in black. I want to assign speed 20, power 50 to things drawn in blue. Can I set those values permanently?

Yes, several ways to set a color layer to a known configuration. You can use template files to start with known settings, you can save, and then recall layer settings from a ‘Materials Library’, or you can choose to set the current configuration as a Default for that layer.

Here are a few resources as a start to help in understanding how each is designed to assist your workflow.

What are ‘Template’ files?

Material Library

LightBurn’s Material Library provides a way to store and organize lots of presets for different operations on different materials, and have a way to quickly apply them. This is entirely user-generated - You set up a cut layer however you like and save it to a Library. You set a material type, thickness (if appropriate), and a short description.

Any Library setting can be applied to a cut layer by selecting the library entry and assign it to the layer. Settings are copied, so if you need to make edits to the setting you won’t hurt the copy in your library - you can edit those independently. - Material Library - LightBurn Software Documentation

Cut Settings Editor - Make Default

And I add another tool that can assist, you can use the layer ‘Copy and Paste’ to quickly reproduce settings across layers.

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