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80 watt and and black Rudia 644xs

Fitted a new prominently switch , but the head still went out of bounds on the restart so I thought I had to position the head where I wanted then reset the X to zero [ it was only 57mm out] ? But I somehow set them to x @ 9609mm and y @ 9389mm what have I done !!! Origin set to right rear on LB and laser head in far right as well. I hope that makes sense ?

In short laser head in correct position but I need to reset the x and y to 0.0mm instead of in the thousands :{

Thanks in advance Kevin

When the Ruida cannot home, it’s numbers are useless, so it displays the Max, which is 10000…

It isn’t homing, you have to fix that…

Switch look something like this?

Does the switch ‘light up’ when you place a Ferris metal object, like a metal screwdriver on it?

If so, you can check the Ruida in the Z/U, then diagnostics and see if it’s working. It will light up on the Ruida panel in diagnostic mode as will the limit leds on the controller.

Sorry about the crappy picture, but here’s mine with the Y limit switch active.

These are ‘hall effect’ switches…

It’s most likely that the metal part you are trying to detect isn’t passing close enough for detection.

Good luck…


Thanks Jack ! I managed to find home in the corner @ 0.0mm :slight_smile: But now it moves in the y only about 450mm but says 500mm and on the x the distance travelled is not relevant to the controller mm as well, maybe something to do with collaboration but unsure of the next step ? the correct bed size is indicated in LB
Please and thank you.

Sorted now, thanks for the help

It’s working?

If so, please post the fix. It’s real irritating to find a ‘solved’ thread with no idea what fixed the issue.

What it incorrectly set in the Ruida?

Take care


Before I messed around with the ensuring the sensors where working correctly I blamed the calibration setting and adjusted them without any experience which confused the controller, I then researched via YouTube and was able to recalibrate very easy via learning from a video, its the old saying that you learn more when something goes wrong ! kb

FYI Light burn customer service 3/10 but Light burn 10/10

If it’s solved, mark the thread.

Hopefully you will state what you had to do to fix it, so others won’t have to read through the whole thread.

Take care

Good luck


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