At a loss with a problem

Need a bit of help please. Have an original Ortur LM2 with a Neje A40640 module. Disassembled the z axis adjuster and module to replace adjuster. After re-assembly I have tried to frame an item and the module will go to that spot and stop and not frame. If I tell it to home, it will begin but at about 1mm per second and will stop after about 10 times. Will home on startup with no problems. Have tried shutting down laser, laptop etc. but nothing. ???




Hi Purman

The changes you’ve made sound mechanical, whereas the issues you describe seem settings related or related to limiter switches or similar. Have you accidentally disconnected or blocked some limiter switches (if you have them) on your setup?

Another consideration is you’ve over-tightened something preventing free movement of your laser diode or gantry? I think you need to go back over the machine and check belts, pulleys, and moving parts as well as any electrical connections.

Good luck

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