ATEZR L2 24W fire alarm going off

Purchased a refurbished ATEZR L2 24W. The first time I tried to turn it on the alarm is beeping
Any ideas on what I might look for to fix this? I’ve tried to reset the machine but can do nothing.

Hello Alison

Question, is the machine exposed to direct sunlight?
Normally fire sensors are UV based, so a change in UV light - as per opening a window or having a window open can trigger them.

No it is not. It’s actually in a shaded room with 3 other lasers.

There should be a firmware setting to toggle or adjust the sensitivity of the flame sensor.

Trying to find it, meanwhile maybe some other users can help out :slight_smile:

I disabled mine before the first test firing and have never enabled it. :shrug:

How exactly one does that? :smiley:

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