Ativation of second computer

I have GRBLE and DSP lightburn software

I am using DSP on shop computer

I want to use it on my office computer also. Can’t decipher how to do that.
Please help an old man! lol

Just install the software and enter the key.

Have you tried this? Are you getting an error of some kind? If so, what is the error?

Thanks Oz,
I will be away from computer until tomorrow sometime

I kept thinking about this and realized that when I tried to load my key the program wouldn’t allow me to unless I Deactivated the DSP I have in the shop to actually run the laser.
BTW: I forgot to say I am using an Orion 60W laser with Ruida 6442G
I also have the G-code version on these same Mac computers. Had no problem when loading the second H-code.

I meant to type G-code

I finally simply deactivated the DSP version I had on office computer.
Entered the Key and could not get rid of the GRBL version in LB.
Decided to try the Manual version of locating the Laser and after doing this about ten times it finally showed in the list of devices. It ask for the Access # for the Laser, I haven’t a clue and couldn’t find it. Ignored that request, returned to find the laser which was in the list. At least the laser is recognized by my office computer haven’t checked to see if the shop computer retained the info, will check later.

A single license of LightBurn is valid to use on two computers at the same time. The DSP version will also run GCode devices. Are you saying you bought both the DSP version and the GCode version, or did you upgrade the GCode version to a DSP license?

I bought both thinking I would need to do that.

From the DSP key license page:


Obviously in hurry and didn’t read to understand the entire text

How many computers do you need to be able to use the software on? Your DSP key purchase was very recent, so if you only need to run two or three computers, I can upgrade the GCode key to be a DSP key, delete the DSP key you bought, and refund you the price difference between the Upgrade and the DSP key ($40). Then you’d have one key for all machines and devices.

Actually it looks like you have everything running on the DSP key, so I’d nuke the GCode key instead, but otherwise everything else would be the same - you’d get your $40 back. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan but I would give you what I mistakenly spent to help with any and all aggravation I have caused and will probably continue to cause.

Lol - I’m happy to have the money, but I’m also happy to return it. We try to be very transparent about how things work with the licenses, so the offer stands.

I appreciate that. Just credit it to whatever card I used or I may have used PayPal.

Will try hard to read what is written and not bug you so much.

Done - The GCode key is gone, and the fee for it is returned.

Thank you again OZ, I appreciate it.

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