Atomstack A5 M50 Pro

I cannot get this software to run my laser. Laser GRBL has no issues. U manually added it in LB using the GRBL option. I have the proper com. Laser GRBL is closed when I try to use LB. The software says “Ready” and appears to be connected. I see the proper com port and GRBL in the connection window. I create a project in the software, Making sure all layers are selected set to “output”, and I click “frame”. Nothing happens.
Like I said Laser GRBL has zero issues.

Surely something happens.
Laser tries to move
Laser flashes light
Console window shows an alarm message
Console window shows other message

We cannot see what you see. To enable our help, you have to be our eyes and ears, reporting everything.

Waiting for your response…

Thank you for the reply.
As of the posting originally…nothing happened…no movement…no light,only message was “waiting for connection”. Keep in mind laser grbl had zero issues.

Since the original posting I have managed to get it to connect and engrave a few projects. My problem now is I have to reboot windows every time I want to reconnect after shutting down the laser/software , which is a royal pita.
Windows 11

This part is not normal, and definitely a Windows USB issue. Could be, and I am guessing here…
USB driver issue
Atomstack comm protocol
Hovering UFO

You might Google for “have to reboot windows every time I want to reconnect USB” to get started. Sorry I do not have a solid suggestion for you to try.

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