Atomstack A5 Pro coniguration settings for windows 10

i recently purchased an Atomstack A5 pro laser engraver and have been using Laser GRBL without any issues. i wanted to add some extra tools and flexibility by adding lightburn software to run it. once i installed the software demo the first thing that happened is it doesn’t see the A5 pro as a device. Then I setup with the manual configuration but it apparently still wants home stop sensors that the A5 doesn’t have. i disabled home at startup but any time i hit the wrong button like home it moves and grinds to a stop and error. Is there a way to upload a A5 profile that makes the software work normally? or just work around? i also have an A10 Pro coming and i hope it doesn’t have similar issues with Lightburn. i want to be able to use this software on both engravers but so far haven’t been impressed with the setup or the ability to save something to run on laser grbl if I can get the correct settings on lightburn. any help is appreciated.

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