Atomstack A5 Pro not cutting through

Hi all…looking for some help!

I have been using my atomstack a5 pro for sometime now and have gotten used to material settings. Normally I use speed = 125-150mm/s and power = 100% which within 1-2 passes it cuts through 3mm balsa/bass wood.

However, I have recently reset my laptop and set up lightburn. Again using the same settings as before however this time, I’ve had 3 passes over the wood and it hasn’t even cut through the other side.

Any tips?

Make sure your lens is clean.
$30 and s-value max are the same and you have it set to mm/min

Assuming this is a little typo and you meant mm/min?

Hi, yes a typo mm/min

Hi, yes I meant mm/min. How do I set the $30 & s-value to the same please?

Is there a specific way to clean the lense?

S-value is in device settings.
If you will type in $$ into console window and paste.

Did you make sure you set LightBurn to use mm/min again? It defaults to mm/s sometimes, which will make your values unusable.