Atomstack Laser not firing with firmware change

hello, i have an Atomstack A5 with an m50 (10w output) head. i have swapped out the original controller for the MKS DLC32 v2.1.
I can get it working (by inverting the settings for the axis’ - as they were going in the wrong directions) and it works great, cutting and engraving. As it should.
This is the firmware which works is Mks dlcv2 - V2.0.8_H35_20211222_N.bin. I used the mks app, but unfortunately the mks app only works via wifi, not as a hotspot with my phone.

however, i want to use the laser off line and remotely [for example putting someones name on a pen at a market]. i know the Atomstack app allows for this, i have followed the instructions and uploaded it, and the atomstack x7 firmware (provided by Rmc Reloaded a moderator in a Facebook support group), the app functionality works and i can get the laser to move [as if it is printing too], but the laser does not fire.
i have not changed any wiring or cables to the control board, from those that work with the mks firmware and app.
The app is basically an Atomstack branded mks app, but it lets you connect directly to the laser controller from your phone.
How do I get the laser to fire?
Please help, thanks in advance.