Atomstack P90 M50 not cutting properly

Hi. I have Atomstack P90 M50 and I want to cut a pattern in a 2 mm plywood. Using settings: 5mm/s, 100% power, 1pass it can cut the paper, but not the plywood.
What setup will be the best? I will try 1,5mm/s and 3 passes, but is it normal, that with 5mm/s and 95% power the cut on plywood have about 0.1 mm depth?

Used machine or new?
Check GRBL $30 and Lightburn S-value Max ( should be equal 1000)
Are your laser focus right and laser lens clean?

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Thanks. The value in file was 255. I set it to 1000 and tommorow we will check that with the machine.