Atomstack S10 Pro

I just purchased this laser and am running a trial of LightBurn. When adding a device, it did find my S10 Pro and is communicating with it. However if I try to burn something directly from LightBurn it throws an error immediately. If I save the gcode and then load it directly on the machine, it works fine.

I don’t think finding the machine when adding a device is enough. Shouldn’t there be a machine specific configuration that needs to be loaded into LightBurn? laserGrbl seems to be working fine.

I have been searching the forums and although there is a lot about the S10 pro, I am not finding anything specific about the initial setup of LightBurn for that device. Any help would be appreciated.

What error message are you seeing? Please share the output you see in your Console window.

If saving the GCode and loading it works, it sounds like there is a communication issue here. Make sure your USB connection is secure on both ends, and try a different, higher quality USB cable than the one that came with your laser.

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