Atomstack S20 pro

Don’t know whether I am just thick or what. I have just purchased an Atomstack S20 pro and am going through the learning process. What I am struggling with is positioning. To view the Laser pointer to align to say the center of a job I have to adjust the laser right up so I can see the pointer on the job. There is a window on the front of the laser but this acts as a mirror and can only see what is reflected in it, I cannot see through and observe the pointer. I checked it out closely and there doesn’t seem to be any film on which may cause the mirror behaviour. Does anyone have any advice for a dumb old guy.

I frame first with the module raised then when positioned drop it and focus, my laser is positioned so that watching through the glass is next to impossible, bottom line is if it works for you, keep doing it.

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Kinda makes putting the glass there in the first place redundant hey. I would prefer it to be focused when I align it as sometimes I accidently nudge the laser and misalign it and have to start over. Annoys the bejeepers outa me.

This will add an extra step but you could frame then use the get position and then check if it moved when dropping to focus.

I have two of the bigger versions of this the 30 and 40 and this is the way it is with their window. I removed mine it was just too annoying to try and see. It is nice to have in that you don’t have to have the goober glasses on when your running it but I need to see.
Anyway you can buy laser safety shields for the 455 nm diode lasers they are a coated acrylic like plexi that comes in different sizes and use one just a viewing shield set outside the frame so you can see clearly but not be bound to goober goggles

Does it come out easily?