Atomstack won’t go to correct coordinates

Hi, my atom stack a5 pro + is having issues going to correct coordinates. I move to 0,0 on the workspace and it goes to -100,-100 on lightbulb. The other issue is pressing the home button. It smacks the side of the frame. I assume because it’s over 60 mm off. I have deleted and redownloaded a new controller twice. Both times doing something different. I am new to running this type of equipment so the crazy codes confuse me on other forums.

Well, it’s up and running and communicating so you’re most of the way there.

Capturing and sharing some of the crazy codes (or error messages) in your posts here will really help us understand what’s going on. Deleting and redownloading adds a pile of new unknowns. Let’s hold off on that for a bit.

There’s a way to offset the work on the controller in the Atomstack A5 Pro to -100,-100 so when Lightburn moves to 0,0 you’ll be at the offset.

This is a common experience for new users - i did this several times trying to get the hang of it. Some diode lasers have limit switches and ‘should’ stop. Some have to be started at the origin or the engraver won’t know where it is. We can see which type of machine you have from a report it can generate. One of the other reports can confirm if the offset is present or if the machine is just disoriented.

Open the Console window in LightBurn and request the following reports:
and copy and paste those reports into a reply here. The Console window in LightBurn will allow you to scroll and catch it all. I look forward to seeing what’s going on.

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