Atomstack X20 Pro flickerin screen


New user to lasers here.

I just received my first laser engraver, Atomstack x20 Pro, and the screen provided is flickering alot. From normal to totally white. Does anyone else have that? Is there a fix? I sent email to seller, but there is no response yet.

Thank you in advance!


And I mean that small screen included on the laser.

Does it stop when you play with the HDMI cable a bit.
other wise try a different hdmi cable.

if this doesn’t stop, perhaps the screen is broken.
or try the reset button on the X20.

Respons from the service desk is quite fast when i had some questions.
only take longer during timezones.



Screen was faulty. Customer service was excellent, they sent a new screen quickly, and offered to pay half of the customs fee. It was about 2eur so no need for compensation.