AtomStack X20Pro Wood cutting capabilities

Hey! I’m a new user to Lightburn and laser engraving. I have the Atomstack x20. I was hoping someone could help me with a few issues I’m having. I was following the manufacturer recommendations for cutting certain thicknesses of wood and the wood actually caught on fire. I tried several setting adjustments via speed or power to improve this. I also know I used the tool correctly to focus.

Another time I was using it and the air assist started on and off Turing the engraver on and off. I turned off the air assist and it the machine was fine. It was pretty hot to the touch. Thankfully this hasn’t happened again.

Lastly, I was wondering if anyone has tried cutting 19mm pine. I saw a few videos for this of people doing it. I have tried up to 11 cuts 100 power and 500 speed and still can’t get through. I was wondering if anyone has food parameters or recommendations for various thicknesses of wood as I’m not having luck with the ones recommended.

Thank you! I appreciate any help!