Atomstack x7 pro vs Ortur LM2 pro vs Xtools D1vs Sulpfun s9

@lbeser Did you have to up your power supply game? In looking at the M50 specs the other day I noticed it called for just under 3A for typical usage and over 3A for max power… and that’s just for the laser module.

Is it just the x7 that has the lightburn issue not the a5?

I just swapped it in. It has its own power supply for what the base rig can’t take. So, bottom line, you need two power outlets when you add the M50 but don’t have to muck with the base rig.

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All Atomstacks work fine in LightBurn. However, they do not allow you to change GRBL configuration settings in case you wanted to customize something.

Xtool D1 does have issues currently in LightBurn preventing some on this site from using it for any serious work. These issue include missed steps due to speeds set too high and poor burn quality. It’s made worse because the D1 also does not allow GRBL configuration changes that would probably allow these things to be remedied.

Sorry I guess I’m not familiar with what the GRBL configurations are exactly.

Many of the g-code based laser machines internally use an open-source firmware called GRBL to control the function of the laser. As part of the proper setup and functioning for that specific laser GRBL requires that you configure values for things like step size, enabling of soft or hard limits, working dimensions, acceleration values, enabling of homing cycle, etc.

These GRBL configuration values are stored in EEPROM memory. If these values have been properly tuned for a specific model then they should be fit for purpose and get the job done for at least the default features of the laser. If, however, they haven’t been properly tuned, or if your specific machine needs further tuning, or if you’ve decided to modify the machine (e.g. add limit switches to a machine that didn’t come with them) then it’s nice or required to be able to change these values and have them be stored permanently in memory.

xTools D1 guys are in a situation now where being able to tune some of these values may be able to address some issues with the machine that are causing burning artifacts but are currently unable to do so.

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Ahh ok I got ya but you can still control speed and power on lightnurn just not step over and more complicated stuff?

Also do you happen to know if the sculpfun s9 is totally open to lightburn?

Yes. None of the standard things to actually operate the machine require a GRBL configuration change. These are typically a one-time thing or a tuning thing. Although people using rotaries change these values regularly as it’s necessary for how those work. Not sure how that would work for lasers that don’t allow changes

Sculpfun from what I recall do allow for changes to be made. Although there was a user recently if I’m remembering correctly that couldn’t get their configuration to save.

OK I’m heavily considering thw Sculpfun S9 and building an enclosure for it to have it near my computer. It’s doesn’t have limit switches for homing but looks like you may be able to add them to it and the laser head seems to be one of the better ones out atm. I really like the mechanical aspect of the ortur lm2p but just worry the laser is to weak to do the cutting I want to.

Would be good to hear from owners on their experience. Looks like the S9 has a single diode design so their cutting claims (do not believe the 90W claim) are based on improved focus. This seems similar to Ortur Long Focus module design but not sure how they compare in terms of actual performance.

Yeah it’s more in the way they reflect the laser. That’s kind of what pushed me towards the x7 and xtool d1 was to get dual diode

So it looks like the ortur afero laser 2 is back in stock on their website. The only thing I can’t find is if it has limit switches like the lmp2 does so it can home. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this.

The design of the laser is different than their earlier lines so it’s difficult to see any actual switches. I’d be surprised if they didn’t include them as it’s part of their brand at this point. I did see this in their firmware notes so I suspect that some sort of switches exist.

  • Fix $22 default from 43 to 1, Avoiding -397 -397 Values when homing with $22=1;

$22 is used to enable homing cycle.

Great find. I’m seriously considering ordering one at 370 bucks with the higher powered short focus or long focused laser it seems like a really good buy I think the frame design very sleek

I haven’t used it but apparently they also sell some air assist components that fit I believe the Long Focus module. Might be worth looking at. Air assist in general is crucial for cutting operations. I don’t know how well they’ve implemented here though.

Just order the Laser Master 2. You can swap lenses on it, but also make sure you get an air assist setup for it. If you’re going to use it indoors, put it in an enclosure and make sure to ventilate it outside.

Why do you say order the laser master 2 pro over the afero 2? From what I was seeing if it has the limit switches the only big differences would be the flame sensor and the large red shutoff. Small change in worked area but only 10mm. If they can be purchased with the same laser modules just curious what would make the lmp2 worth the 110 more.

Aufero 2 is very interesting to me. They’ve made some fundamental design changes including going to a 2 stepper Y-axis design, thereby eliminating the Y-axis drive shaft. This lightens the gantry and facilitates higher speed. The X-axis design is somewhat carried over from the OLM2 Pro where the stepper is no longer a part of the laser head assembly. This reduces weight to allow for higher X-axis travel. They seem to have further refined the device. They’ve also moved to side-mounted wheels. Not sure why but possibly to reduce height of the machine.

There are some quality of life changes as well… full custom extrusions that allow for simpler assembly. Fully hidden belts.

One drawback I see is that since the extrusions are custom it would be harder to extend the frame if you were so inclined.

I do like the cleaner design the hidden belts give. While I agree it may be harder to extend that currently isn’t a huge worry of mine especially at a good price point.

I’m kind of stuck between the long and short focus laser modules but honestly I could almost get both for the price of the lmp2 unit.

Just watching a YouTube video on it it does not have limit switches