Atomstack x7 pro vs Ortur LM2 pro vs Xtools D1vs Sulpfun s9

That’s unfortunate. Does it use a different mechanism to do homing? Can you link video here?

From my understanding it’s like the xtoom and the sculpfun models where it’s just free moving not homing or anything. It looks to be orturs direct competition to the xtool D1. It’s modular and similarly built. Also looks to do a great job cutting and engraving basic stuff with the short focus laser.

I hadn’t seen the “new” Afuero. But you are talking about different powers at different prices.

Both styles are the same exact price if you choose the same power diode. While the “new” Afuero has a sleek design, the only thing I like is the laser module. You can get it set for air assist at no charge, you save money and it was designed to be this way. It has a novel way to clean the shielding as well. Neat.

The problem, IMO is the side rails with the “hidden belts”. Dust and debris don’t care if the belts are on the top or the side. They will get in there and throw off alignment. They’d need to be completely sealed somehow to not get dust and debris in. Looks like more of a pain to get dust and debris out.

Skimmed through the video. The decision to omit limit switches is bizarre. I can only imagine the number of support issues that are going to be brought up based on that.

And what’s with all this $22=1 business in the firmware release notes. Thinking about it now based on the release notes I’m guessing this might be a way to force a certain coordinate system be used.

We shall see I decided to pull the trigger on it. Minus the limit switches it has pretty much all the features I’m looking for and the price seems pretty decent so I’m going to give it a go.

MY 2 cents I have a sculpfun S9 run by lightburn only mill my own wood mostly hardwoods normal thickness 3/16" no problems after approximately 120 hours of burning time. All projects cut out. Toughest material to cut is cork.material cut: mahogany ,oak, walnut, jatoba cedar (red and aromatic), alder, holy and a few more exotics. I think the real difference is lightburn.I couldn’t be happier with the sculpfun S9 no real bells and whistles they’re not needed.

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Hey I’m in the same boat, looking to purchase my first laser. I’ve been leaning towards the Atomstack X7 because of the power of the laser and the ability to double the length of the rails to 850mm. I’m planning on mostly working with softwood boards (pine, fir, etc), and can see value in the extra length to make custom signs, engrave furniture, etc. Anyone have any insights? are there other brands that have the flexibility to extend the rails?

The Sculpfun lasers can be extended as well. Also NEJE sells one that out of the box is larger. Other ones can be custom extended but those are the ones I know of that offer extention kits.

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Any laser that uses standard aluminum T-Slot extrusions you can extend as you like. These are standard parts that you can get anywhere. Ortur line other than the Aufero are this way. I believe the Neje square frames are this way. From pictures it looks like the Sculpfun may also be.

Notably the xTool D1 does not use standard parts. Hopefully someone corrects me if this is wrong. Looking at the Atomstack extension kit it appears this might be a standard but less common BiOpposite T-Slot. But not sure.

Neje has a Max version of their Master S2 laser that has an extended frame size from the factory.

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