Atzr diode laser not playing well with print and cut ... Program crashes

My Atezr laser (20 watt diode) machine will no longer do a print and cut function. I have used both the manual way and the wizard. It lets me move to the first position and the second position and marks them and then I select “align outputs to targets” and my laser control says “print and cut” mode. When I select start, it comes up with “optimizing cut path” even though this function is not turned on. The green status bar goes to 80% and stops. When I select cancel it gives me and error message and puts the error on my desktop to send to you. I’ve sent it to you via e-mail and I’ll include it here. I should mention that it worked several times and then just just quit working. I have since updated Lightburn and the same thing is happening. PLEASE HELP.
LightBurn_Crash_Log.txt (7.9 KB)

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