Aufero Laser 2 not connected

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I recently purchased an Aufero Laser 2 LU2-4LF and like many others I encounter problems with the Apple operating system (various installations, from Mojave to Big Sur on different machines in my possession. All have the same problem without distinction. After reading, to no avail, dozens of suggestions in search of a solution by loading FTDI drivers, I had to surrender to the solution of emulating windows 10 and using the specific version of LightBurn. In each machine, in emulation, it works correctly. There is a version of LightBurn that addresses the problem? On Windows you can choose whether or not to install the FDTI drivers but not in the Mac version!

Glad you were able to come up with a workaround that gets you going. However, your post raises a number of questions for me.

The Aufero Laser 2 should not be using the FTDI drivers. Iā€™m wondering if this was a red herring. The Laser 2 uses an ESP32 chip that should have an Espressif CDC driver. Can you check device manager in Windows to confirm this?

Most current operating systems will not require a driver to use the Aufero.

This is interesting. If this is working under emulation that means that the Mac is detecting the USB and allowing pass-through to Windows.

With the emulation software off, are you able to check System Properties in Mac for USB devices? Do you see any USB serial devices detected there?

Can you run this in a Terminal?

ls /dev/tty.*usbserial*

I concur, It appears that Expressif devices typically use CH340 or CP210x drivers.

Nothing even with ch34x or CP210x. I raise the white flag. Windows vs Mac 1-0

What is listed in System Report and with the ls command?

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