Auto Cutting Red lines on Object

Is it possible to draw the object to be cut with a red pencil and have the software cut based on the drawing?

Oh nice. I have seen this feature in Makeblock Laserbox pro but it is for children and schools. I am happy to hear that’s also possible with Lightburn.

Alternatively, you could take a photo of the drawing, import the drawing into LightBurn, and use the Trace feature to create an outline that could be burned.

Interesting video.
Take photo:

  • do have to set object scale somehow.
  • Can prepare image off line to the laser.
  • use a cell phone to capture the image.

Use camera:

  • need to buy a camera and interface it
  • calibrate camera so the scale is correct
  • Somewhat limited in where you place the object on the bed or it gets distorted
  • tie up laser as you clean the image up.
  • clean camera lens periodically (smoke)

I’m not sure I’d add a camera for this feature only. Maybe I missed some points?

Some will include a ruler in the capture for reference. When imported, you can then scale to match that of the real world within LightBurn.

Not understanding this question. Maybe rewording would help. :slight_smile:

This will work, but you may get distortion from the phone camera lens, so that is worth checking your results.

To help in understanding, I suggest this section of our documentation is worth review: Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

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