Auto focus issues, Z axis not stopping

I have a new blue-and-white 100-watt laser from HL Laser, and it came with auto focus. I’m happy to say that it MOSTLY works as intended. When I hit the Focus button it moves up until the limit switch is tripped and backs off slowly. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. At a certain point on the downward cycle it switches to rapid move and KEEPS moving downward, FAR out of focal range. I haven’t seen how far it will go since I’ve always stopped it manually, but it’s way too far.

I realize that the downward cycle it arbitrary and determined by the user to allow for different focal lengths, but so far I haven’t been unable to find the settings I need to use to tell the controller where to stop.

I have the RDC6445 controller. Does anyone know where I can find this setting so I can start using the auto-focus feature?

That ‘back off’ is supposed to be just until the switch tripped when moving up is released again, then it’s supposed to stop, so it sounds like that switch might be sticking.

Good thought but that’s not it. I can stop and start it with perfect repeatability by toggling the switch manually. It’s working exactly as designed.

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