Auto-home at the end of the job

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Is there a way, something that I’m missing that allows me to activate auto-homing after the job is done?
I think it was the case a few updates ago and now I have to hit the homing button again after every job.

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Do you actually want the machine to go through a homing operation or just return to a “home” position?

If the latter you can specify this by enabling “Return to Finish Position” in Device Settings. You can set the X,Y coordinates that you want the laser head to return to. I believe the behavior may not work if using “Current position” or at least is different if I’m remembering correctly.

Thanks for your reply !
I just tested it, as I suspected it’s nor working. What I was referring to is a homing operation (sorry if I wasn’t precise about the wording here). The equiavalent of “Auto-home at startup” but at the end of each job.

Is there a specific reason you want the machine to do a complete homing operation? Trying to think through the value you’d be getting from that. The need could potentially change how you’d go about it.

Not having a high quality machine (Chinese, even if I upgraded it quite a lot), it reassures me to know the machine is homing properly after each job + the fact that the laser head is not in the way when swapping planks + the fact that I have an offet of a few millimiters set up in Lightburn.
That’s really weird, I’m pretty sure I had that option by default before.

I’m not aware of that option ever existing as frankly it would be undesirable in most cases.

I don’t necessarily see the benefit of homing in the sense that any assurances should be provided when it homes at power-on. If you’re somehow losing steps during a job then really you should be addressing the root cause of that rather than relying on re-homing to work around it since you may be having other issues in that case.

I do see the value in having the laser head out of the way which would be served with the previously mentioned option.

The simplest way I can think of for getting the behavior you want would be to add some custom g-code to the “End GCode” section in the Gcode tab under Device Settings. I’m assuming this is for your Cohesion 3D board in your profile and that it’s working in CNC mode.

Put this command into the “End GCode” field:

G28.2 XY

That should go through a homing operation at the end of the job but please test.

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And it seems to work flawlessly, thank you very much !

I understand how it might seem unnecessary but it makes sense (and use) to me, I appreciate your help on this. Rest assured, I don’t have any stepping issue with the machine, all good on that side :wink:


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