Auto homing co2 laser

Is there something that has to be ticked on or off within my lightburn software? I like that my laser auto homes, but while in lightburn on my diode laser, if i frame something it will frame all 4 sides and stop once it has drawn a complete square. With my new laser, it makes the same square and heads to home, making lining things up a bit trickier. I would prefer that after it framed it stayed like the diode laser did.

My CO2 controller has an origin that I can reset as needed. The box function always starts at the origin and returns to the origin. The origin is in the center of the box. On my controller this is a controller function not Lightburn. I can start the box draw from Lightburn but I think it’s just like pressing the button on the controller.

Thanks Dean. I noticed if i hit “frame” in the ruida, it will do the framing backwards from lightburns direction, which is interesting, but it leaves the laser right at the end of the frame sequence.
I am just used to my diode settings and was wondering if i could make it similar. Its not a deal breaker for me. Just a little annoying for it to frame and then take off frame and take off.

Ah you have a Ruida controller. I didn’t see that on your profile. There are a handful of members who are Ruida experts that will comment on this shortly.

I will look at updating my profile. Thx

You could always frame with the ruida then hit the origin button after it draws the box so it stays at the first point.

Yeah, thats what i found right about the time i posted this message. Just seems like an extra step lol. Thanks for the info

I noticed the same thing about framing that you first mentioned. Once i got my camera in and fine-tuned i don’t bother framing anymore. I calibrate the camera once every two weeks regardless to make sure it’s perfect.

I just ordered a camera like 2 minutes ago. Cant wait to set it up

You’ll love it and honestly i could not live without it now. Everyone complains about setup and calibration but its so easy and once you get the focus good it becomes second nature. Like i said right now im calibrating once every two weeks and everything is spot on never mind the other capabilities you will get out of it.


Please add your new laser to your profile. The Ruida controller number is also appreciated so supportive folks can get on the same page quicker.

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