Auto-rescaling bitmap to fit scan interval

The feature may be in, no idea.

I will be running dotting tests on marble later today.
Is there a way to automatically rescale image to fit different scan intervals ?
Say i have bitmap thats 100x100px, if i want it to be interval 0.1 it scales to 10x10mm.
Can i tell the picture to auto scale in size until i get, say 0.085, or 0.15 ? Somewhere to enter the interval number and it rescales accordingly ?
This is to do with pass-through setting.
Not sure i explain myself well…

We don’t have a way to do this, no. It’s kind of the inverse of pass-through mode, which sets the interval based on the size. What you’re looking for is a way to set the size based on the interval & pixel count. If you know the height or width of the image, you could just enter the equation into the Width or Height fields in the software.

For example, if your image is 250 pixels tall, and you want a 0.085mm interval, in the “Height” box, type 250*0.085mm and press enter. (If you’re already in mm you don’t have to add the mm on the end).

I can math it out no problem, i was just wondering if there is a lazy way about this :smiley:

Thanks for the formula thing though, so far works very nicely.

Is there any way to view image technical specs in LB ? Say i already pasted something in i want to know ?x? pixels it is ? Color mode (rgb, CMYK, grayscale, BW)
Yes, yes, i know photoshop exists :smiley:

There isn’t at this time, no. We convert everything to gray on import, so the color data wouldn’t be as useful, but I certainly have the size info available. I could add that to the ‘Measure’ tool output if you pointed at a bitmap.

Could you not add it to “Shape Properties” tab ? Simple text stating “?x? pixels” when bitmap selected ?

Not easily - Shape Properties are set up to be read / write, not read only, so it would actually be more work to do it there. Possible of course, just added effort.

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