Auto selection of parameters speed/power

In light burn, can you enter the type of material and it’s thickness, and it will automatically set the speed and power?

Do you mean from a pre-populated database of cut settings? If yes, then no, there’s nothing like that today.

However, there is a material library that you can build-out as your experiment with settings. There are also people that have shared their own libraries. These are generally only applicable to people with the same laser and power output or at least very comparable systems.

Thanks for your quick response. Can you connect me with people who have libraries for a 50w CO2 laser. I’ve got the Gweike Cloud, which is fairly new, so the support community is very small.

I haven’t seen anyone share a gweike list. I wonder if this is because gweike sell their certified materials with QR codes that’s detected by the laser to provide settings.