Auto Shrinking of Screen while Arranging Tool Window

I have my “Menu/Tool” windows placed across the top and sides of my screen. However, since I updated Lightburn, now when I try to align these windows near the top of the screen the “Layout” window automatically shrinks as if it is trying to make room for the “Tool” window to Dock along the top of the “Layout” screen. Then the “Layout” screen is too small to see. I don’t want to dock the window along the top, I just want to arrange my “Tool” windows where I want them, without Lightburn automatically shrinking the main screen. Is there a setting that I can turn off to disable the auto shrinking or auto docking in the new version of Lightburn?

There isn’t a way to turn off the docking behavior, no. Can you show a picture of what you’re attempting to do?

Thank you for the quick response and also your help. :smiley:
I like to keep my Tool windows stacked on the right side of my screen as can be seen in this screen shot from an older version.

With the later versions, I can not dock my Tool windows any longer on the right side as can be seen in this screen capture.

When I try to dock the Tool window along the upper right side of my screen, the Layout window shrinks and makes room for the Tool window to dock along the top 1/3rd of the screen as can be seen in these screen captures.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m pretty sure that there is something simple that I am missing.
Thanks again,

If I am understanding, you are wanting to have the LightBurn default layout for the UI. If so, go to ‘Window’→’Reset to Default Layout’.

Here is a video that one of our users put together a while back. You may notice some differences, but the concepts are the same.

Thanks for that information, Rick.
I will try “Resetting to Default” when I get back to my desktop computer.
However, my screen is not working as shown in the video that you shared.
When I try to dock a window near the top of the left or right side, it will automatically dock across the top of the whole screen.
I will try the reset option, but I am curious if it will reset my menu bars and options as well as the window options?
Thanks again,

Thanks again for the advise. However, When I reset my Window to the “Default Layout”, I lost the layout of my menu bars and while the “Layout Window” no longer “shrinks” when I try to arrange my Tool Windows, if I move the Tool Window back to the top right, it does not “re-dock”.

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