Auto stretch image with rotary attached

Hello… What is the feature in lightburn that automatically resizes an round image for the rotary so it doesn’t come out egg shaped… I have heard about this feature but don’t know where to find it in lightburn. Thanks!

Cylinder Correction currently only works with Galvo lasers, and is not available for gantry machines like your BOSS laser as of yet, although, it’s been posted that it is on the roadmap.

Great thank you!

What are you doing that would require this? A rotary should make a circle like it does on a table… the machine doesn’t know any different…

I’d check the setup of your rotary if new… have you been using it or is it a new install or ?

Good luck


I am engraving a round circle on a 20oz powder coated tumbler. It creates an optical illusion and appears egg shaped. I have found adding 10% to the width of the image makes it appear more round. It really is a thing, look it up… :slight_smile:

I think I see what you’re saying. As a curved surface begins to face away from you, the part that’s still in your sight-line appears compressed.

If a user or an algorithm adjusted a graphic by stretching the ends so a large logo would look correct on a cylinder - it could look strange from other angles.

Widening a circle by 10% is an intriguing idea - the eye would expect the middle to appear wide - it would hide some of the effect of the turned or ‘vanishing-edge’ to a point but still appear correctly proportioned as the tumbler is turned.

Does your circular logo wrap about 1/4 of the way around the circumference of the tumbler? I’d like to know how far this technique can be pushed.

Yes my image is a little more than 1/4 around the cup. Any more than half and you would have to turn the cup to see the complete image.

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